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no problems and looking good beyond the san rafael through central marin to southern marin and the golden gate bridge into san francisco with no delays here. a nice drive off the waldo. we have delays in the capital corridor train with a fire near crockett and the tracks were blocked so there are system-side delays. no other mass transit problems. right now, over the altamont pass into dublin/pleasanton and san jose, 101 northbound and southbound 880 toward dakota road. kristen and eric? >> updating the breaking news we have been following all morning, right now, fire crews are working a fire in crockett near the c&h sugar plant that broke out on an abandoned pier, fire cruise are in the defensive mode making sure the fire does not
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spread. they believe it was human cause because there is no electricity in the area. extra help going to the homeless this morning who have been struggling in dangerous conditions for days. our reporter is live at sacred heart community service. >> device a month they give out backpacks, 100 backpacks, filled with cold weather essentials and people are expected to line the block for the 9:00 give away. we would like to show you what is inside the backpacks. they are separated by gender and size including flannel blankets. the give away is not just for homeless but all in need who cannot afford to keep their families warm. the give arm is a fraction of what they do year round at
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sacred heart. they serve 350 families each day at close closet. you can take five articles of clothing for each person in the family. >> we give away at least 2,000 or more than 2,000 you its each day especially right now, it is the blankets. it is heavy quilts, something to keep the family warm. if there is a jacket they go out quickly. >> not only do the jackets go quickly but the backpacks are expected to go quickly starting at 9:00 this morning on the corner of monterey road. donations are always welcome. as you can imagine, the blankets and jackets will go quickly today as the cold weather conditions. >> san francisco supervisor is expected to call for a hearing today to look into the operations of muni after they
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ran up the biggest overtime tab of any city department. as we reported yesterday an audit shows they spent $55.7 million on overtime last year for muni. a specialized technician took in $164,000 just in overtime. muni will cut back on overtime by training more workers to handle sophisticated tech jobs. >> berkeley police are searching for a man accused of committing anant gay crime. police have already arrested one man, a 23-year-old garcia accused of painting antigay graffiti on two buildings and a second suspect ran from the scene and is described as hispanic man with first name of "chris" weighing 200 pounds. >> gun violence claimed a life in east palo alto. a second victim of a shooting remains in critical condition. it happened yesterday in illinois street a block from east palo alto headquarters.
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police say the 24-year-old was killed when he was shot. a second man showed up at stanford medical center with wounds believed from the same shooting. investigators are looking for a motive and suspect in the case. >> oakland city council member is proposing new curfews or stop and frisk law to counter city violence. since friday there have been nine shootings and four people were killed and 11 injured. police made one arrest and have a warrant for a second suspect. at a news conference yesterday, police chief jordan said the violence the city has seen the past six months can be connected to two groups. >> in washington, dc, vice president biden's gun control task force could reveal recommendations today. president obama said yesterday that he is reviewing a proposal congress will likely need to approve the recommendations but the president added that there
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are some steps he can take without congressional approval. the national rifle association is vowing to fight any new gun control action. >> after a decade of denial, sometimes bitter denial, lance armstrong is admitting to doping. he admitted it yesterday in an interview with oprah. new video shows oprah before the interview with the former cycling champ in austin, texas, and the doping admission could bring a federal lawsuit against armstrong. we will have more on the story coming up for you at 6:30 including what lance armstrong told oprah and why the federal government is paying such close attention. >> traffic and weather are next together on the abc7 only news. here is the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving fine. it is clear. it is cold. mike nicco will have the full accweather forecast and the commute in the abc7 traffic center. >> also ahead, how low can it go, the new decline for apple stock and the investor fear
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leading to thehañbñ
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>> welcome back, the latest temperatures are in and san francisco is the warm spot at 41. 38 at oakland. 39 in fremont. 36 at half moon bay. 34 at mountain view and everyone else is freezing or below. 33 in san jose. there is frost this morning.
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the wind is either six miles per hour or calm. we do not have the stirring of the atmosphere. in the afternoon, low-to-mid 50's, and 57 in oakland and 58 in santa rosa and low 60's for everyone open thursday -- on thursday and friday. >> the capitol corridor train shows major delay system-wide because of this ongoing investigation of the fire in crockett. that is not blocking the tracks but early fire crews were blocking the tracks. that is what is causing that. bart and muni and everyone else and caltrain is on schedule. the drive times are slow from antioch and the freeway to the macarthur maze and 680 on the way to 101 is still at 3 minutes, and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, a bit of a
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backup past the caltran parking lot. >> apple shares start at the lowest level if a year closing down more than $18 yesterday at $501. that is down 4 percent. remember, it was at $700 a few months ago. the decline came the same day news surfaced that demand for iphone five is slow down and the cupertino company is cutting down for orders for parts. coming up live at 6:45 we will go to the new york stock exchange and jane king to see how the shares are doing this morning. >> football fans listen, upgrade your tv in time for the super bowl. consumer reports ranked the newest big screens ahead of the big game. >> coming up first, paging dr. google, the survey on how much we use the internet
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>> santa clear, san francisco, east bay, all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, we look at the upper level pattern and you can see the omega block with wins coming in and turning left and go up and over and back down the front side and make another left hand turn and head off to the east. that is a blocking high and that is why we don't have rain in the forecast for the better part of seven to ten days. we start off frosty this morning. we will be near 50 at noon and low-to-mid 50's and milder this afternoon. back in the 40's.
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you will need a coat for the evening festivities. have a great day. >> new this morning in 45 minutes at 7:00 a.m., the constitution is read allowed in the house of representatives in washington, dc, the second time ever it has taken place. house majority leader cantor says the reading is to make sure congress does not lose sight of protecting the rights of americans, taking two hours and 120 members of the house of representatives will take part. >> also new this morning, japan says they are now opening their investigation into the boeing 787 dreamliner following several mishaps. the country's transport minister announced the investigation after several set backs including fuel leaks, battery fire, a wiring problem, computer glitch and a cracked cockpit window. >> japan is the biggest market for the dreamliner. >> nissan hopes deep discount for the leaf electric car lures
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you to the shore room cutting $6,000 off the sticker price bringing the price to under $28,000 vying with the state rebate and tack credit you could pay under $19,000. nissan is slashing the price because of slow sales and they are building the car in the united states so there is in longer the added cost of shipping the car from japan. >> painting dr. google, a just released survey fines americans are turning to the internet to figure out what medical condition they might have. "usa today" reports the survey found 35 percent of americans use the internet to get medical information and 77 percent start with a search engine look google. those who attempted a diagnosis online were more like throw have a confirmed than disputed by a doctor. the people at blue monday have named next monday january 21 as
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"blue monday" the most depressing day of the year. the theory is that day is a perfect storm of drab weather, holiday bills, and for gotten new year's revolution that push us to an emotional low. whether there is truth to this is a matter of debate because the man would created it works for a travel company trying to market vacations. >> what a surprise! >> coincidence. now, it is cold outside. here is mike nicco with the forecast. >> colder than it was this time yesterday. we will look at our roof camera to the financial district you can see the ferry building and we have a beautiful picture of city hall in red and gold so which evening that out on
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>> now, moving on and talking about the temperatures, live doppler 7 hd shows we have frost this morning but not so thick as it has been because there is a little bit more dry air and that will allow it to cool. 20's in livermore, napa, santa rosa, 30 in los gatos, and east bay shore is mild in upper 30's and san jose is 33 but the outlying areas in the santa clara valley are getting the frost. in themont dry bay everyone is freezing but for monterey at 34 degrees. sunshine today. you will need sunglasses. it will be a bright and beautiful looking day and slightly warmer. the fog will stay inland the next couple of nights and the weekend we may not need to worry as the warmer afternoons
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translate into warmer overnight. today we are back to average in oakland and two degrees short if livermore at 54 and napa is 55 and san francisco is 54 and san jose is 5 6, sunrise is 7:24 and cool spot today is antioch and 52 and yesterday you were in the 40's and oakland at 57. mid-to-upper 50's inland. tonight, 30's inland and frost there, and probably in frost around the bay shore and to the coast and we are in the mid-30's to low 40's so we have high pressure still taking over and as we head deeper into the forecast we chip away at the cold air a couple of degrees here, a couple of degrees there and before you know it it is saturday and sunday and we are mainly sunny with let to mid-60's and warmer-than-average. have a good day. >> if you are on highway 92 from
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880 if hayward area to the mall and foster city on the san mateo bridge you are looking at a decent job with a few brake lights turning to the high-rise but still a nice looking drive in both directions of the san mateo bridge. the east shore freeway is bunching up, 80 westbound moving to berkeley and the macarthur maze, it is sluggish but moving into the bridge. no problems at the bay bridge but the lights have been turned on. slow from antioch which is typical to pittsburg and concord. the central valley, it is slow up the altamont pass and remains slow through livermore to dublin/pleasanton at 30 minutes for the drive there. capital corridor delays because of an investigation of a fire in crockett. no other mass transit problems, however. >> we remember the fashion aisle
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is now the bridgeport shopping center but for us it will always be the fashion isle mall. >> i am never without information on shopping malls. ahead, facebook is ready to make a big announcement, the rumors speculating on what it could be. >> and we team up with consumer reports to show you which big screen tv's make you feel like you have
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>> welcome back, we still have the freeze warning for inland valleys until 9:00, and a frost advisory on bay shoreline until 9:00 so make sure everything is protected. when we get to the afternoon, hope you love the sunshine, that is what we have, low to upper 50's. live doppler 7 hd showing how drive it is across the entire state where we will have 39 in yosemite and upper 40's to mid-50's through the central valley and upper 50's to low 60's down south. kristen and eric? >> if you are considering buying a new tv in time for the super bowl there are several choices to consider. plasma, lcd, and tv's with internet access. >> seven on your side has the top performing models in the new consumer reports comparison. >> good morning. are you in the market for a big-screen tv for the super
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bowl? consumer reports tested hundreds and paying top dollar does not necessarily mean you get top performance the catching the big game at the local sports bar or front is a way to see the super bowl. this owner is planning a busy night. >> full crowd with 15 televisions all playing the same game. >> if you want to pick up a new tv before the super bowl party, consumer reports can help. testers size up hundreds of tv's to no ones those to recommend. >> one test we perform is motion blur test designed to expose how well a tv can reproduce fast movement as in sports or action movies. >> some lcd's have trouble, and then the black level test. >> on better performing tests you have a black level that gives you a nice dynamic contrast with bright and dark scenes and the worst performing sets you have brighter black level that does not give you the
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deep contrast so images look flatter especially in dark scenes. >> testers evaluate how much each television displays color, taking a color temperature measurement from a solid gray to see how balanced the tones are. >> high price tag does not guarantee a great tv, we found plenty of tv's that were higher price but came if lower in the ratings than many less expensive sets. >> testers found several tv's to recommend this pan sonic for $1,200, with excellent picture and 3-d access. >> 60" lg for $900 is recommended. it lacks the bells and whistles such as 3-d it has an excellent picture and a great price.
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this is 7 on your side. >> football. tv. good. >> still ahead, 6:30, lance armstrong tell all, what we are lending about the doping admission the star is making to the queen of talk. >> coming up first, is facebook going after google the highly anticipated announcement hours away from the opinion low park company. >> a fire on the water is giving firefighters a challenge this morning. we will take you like to the scene in crockett
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>> this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. 6:29 on this cold tuesday morning. this is the abc7 morning news.
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>> it is crystal clear. that is a benefit of being so cold. we see the stars. we would like to see sun. we will talk to mike about that. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we are following breaking news, a fire in crockett area. how cold is it, mike? >> great question. the conditions show how dry it is on live doppler 7 hd and how calm it is this morning. our hard freeze for the santa clara valley and east bay valley and north bay valleys and middle 20's until 9:00. frost advisory so pets and plants around the bay shoreline until 9:00. low 30's if if -- for you. >> near 50 at noon and low-to-mid 50's later in the afternoon. inland 26 to 53 and at 50 by noon. a calmer day at the coast today.
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temperatures are around 50 in the afternoon. sue? >> whoever is in charge of flipping the switch for the metering lights is not popular. metering lights are on. traffic is backed beyond the first overcrossing to the macarthur maze. the car pool and fast track lanes are getting by with no delays. you will find sluggish traffic into san francisco. in san jose, moving to 280 beyond the 17 overcrossing headed it cupertino, busier but, still, a nice ride. still major capital corridor delays because they halted service between richmond and martinez for an investigation of the crockett fire. that has been re-opened. system-wide delays of 45 minutes for the capital corridor commute but no other mass transit problems. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news we brought to you at 4:30 this morning.
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firefighters are trying to get control of flames burning on a pier in crockett. amy? >> look at the scene, the water boat, the fire boat is still there. it looks like it is about out. they are still putting water on it. look what they were dealing with. a big fire was tough to get to. what was burning was a structure that is on a pier. firefighters say it has been abandoned for years. it is on the water. firefighters were limited to spraying from the shore. that was just one of the challenges they faced. >> there is no road that leads to this. we had to go along the railroad track right-of-way. the second is water supply. we had to bring water supply in from the streets above. third is access. we still have a problem of access to the fire getting lines
6:32 am
and water on to all points of the fire so the fire boat was brought in to try to get access to the underneath part in the far northern part of the dock. >> it is the underneath part giving them a fit because it has been smoldering. this started about 3:00 this morning and it is "suspicious." there is no electricity on the pier and it is the middle of the night, it is abandoned someone must have set to get warm or just out committing arson. this is under investigation. they had to shut down the railroad tracks for a brief time but that is up and running again. where is crockett? you cross the carquinez bridge and you see the c&h sugar refinery we are down the shore from that. the fire was kept to this area and no one was hurt while
6:33 am
battling the fire. >> the sheriff department is calling the discovery of a body inside the trunk of a car near the campus of sonoma state university "suspicious." a sheriff discovered the body in a parking lot. investigators say the car is connected to a crime committed on friday in southeast -- santa rosa although they will not say the cause. >> there is a gun buyback program. you can get $200 for turning in a semi-automatic handgun or rifle, $100 for other types of firearms and up to $10 for violent video games. drop off is from 11:00 this morning and locations include police stations in san rafael and point reyes and you did not have to be from marin county,
6:34 am
you can be from san francisco and sonoma. >> lance armstrong is coming clean on doping after a decade of denying it. the cycling champ admits cheating in a new interview with oprah. we are joined by katie. this is not exactly what oprah expected. >> she confirms that lance armstrong did confess to her he used performance enhancing drugs but "he did not come clean in the way i expected." also, a woman who was friends with armstrong tells abc the confession is hard but it is not enough. he was aided and abetted and did not do it alone so he is considering coming clean to the united states antidoping authority and possibly naming others involved with the scandal. >> cycling journalist who is questioning his motive. >> everything the last week is self serving and it is all about
6:35 am
salvaging what is last of his brand. >> armstrong could face expensive legal problems after the interview airs. sources say armstrong is in talks to possibly repay some of the millions the postal service spent sponsoring the racing team. the federal government is considering suing to get the money back and there is a bay area connection. silicon valley investor co-owned the postal team and could be named in that lawsuit. right now the deadline to join the case is thursday the same day that armstrong's interview with oprah is scheduled to air. >> this morning, facebook is expected to reveal a new development when it make as 10:00 announcement at the headquarters. they are keeping the announcement under wraps but this is speculation facebook could reveal a feature to intensify the competition with google search. we will be at event with much
6:36 am
more later on abc7 news. >> traffic is weather together are next on abc7 morning news. we will take a live look on this cold morning from the embarcardero in san francisco. the skies are looking pretty and clear. we have the full accweather forecast including the warm-up. >> the flu continues to spread coast to coast and the impact is coast to coast and the impact is having vaccine you can see, geis customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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mmm, tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? >> welcome back, everyone. we will talk who is not frosty this morning. but, close, san jose is at 33. mountain view is at 34. 39 in fremont. 38 in oakland. 41 in san francisco. everyone else is freezing or
6:39 am
down in the 20's. that is how cold it is. the reason why, look at wind, barely out there, at three miles per hour. and mountain view. temperatures in the low-to-mid 50 and a few upper 50's in oakland. the next couple of days, near 60 tomorrow, and everyone in the 60's thursday and friday. >> good morning, mike, in san rafael, if the commute takes you beyond lucas valley road it is moving at limit with no major delays to the golden gate bridge, four southbound lanes for the commute to san francisco and typical, and two in the northbound direction and traffic is light with no problems moving toward the toll plaza and major capital corridor delays in the crockett area and all trains are running and 43 minutes behind and no other mass transit problems and bart is the great way to go this morning. >> a high demand for the flu
6:40 am
vaccine statewide is causing some clinics it run out but officials say there is enough supply for the demand. there is no shortage over all of the vaccine but some clinics and pharmacies do not have enough in stock with new shipments expected this week and a flu outbreak is prompting a rush for vaccines. officials are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. ahead, the new promise walmart is making to every u.s. veterans. >> trading is underway on wall street and here is a look at big board, the dow is down 35 points and facebook and apple are in focus this morning and we go to jane king at the new york stock exchange
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>> santa rosa 10, berkeley, and san jose and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone, check out dome -- live doppler 7 hd how quiet it is. the temperatures are slowing getting warmer and the key is slowly, low-to-mid 50's in most areas and santa rosa and oakland leading the charge, and if you travel today, check out radar, no need to worry about the weather. it is sunny, from the upper 50's to low 60's and upper 40's to mid-50's through the central valley and big sur and the sierra, 39 in yosemite and 41 in tahoe. >> we will check with josh for a look at what is com
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inspires more questions than answers. >> i can see kristen sze investigation on that story right now. take that car for a drive. >> right this.
6:46 am
>> the shopping mall with coupons, right this, baby, i tell you what. thank you, josh. >> the biggest retailer has jobs to offer to veterans would have left active duty. walmart will announce they will hire every veteran who want as job with a couple restrictions, the vets in unfortunate have left the military the previous year. they must not have receive add dishonorable discharge. walmart says the announcement in new york by the c.e.o. of u.s. stores represents the largest hiring commitments for veterans in american history. >> a big jump if home prices showing the housing market is healing the. >> now a check at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, a couple of silicon valley stocks getting a lot of attention this morning, first up, face, interest, with shares up a percent as we wait for an event later today in menlo park where they will
6:47 am
reveal what it is "building" and as you have mentioned not saying exactly what that means. facebook gearing up to report 4th quarter results january 30. apple had decline in trading overnight following the report yesterday about apple cutting orders for iphone parts, with shares down today for a third straight day. we are lower over all in the markets on concern of whether the united states is going to raise the debt crisis which we have already officially reached. bloomberg silicon valley index is lower and more signs of improving housing market with home prices up 7.4 percent in november compared to november of the prior year. it and the biggest annual gain since the boom days of 2006 when riverside and san bernardino saw the second and third biggest price jump in the nation behind
6:48 am
phoenix. it is so cold. >> that is our story and we are sticking to it. the cold. the cold. okay? >> now, we will show you what is going on and what is waiting for you as you go outside. we will talk about temperatures that are subfreezing, look the at beautiful colors we have as we have a few high clouds moving through the sky this morning and we will talk about what is going on with seven-day outlook you can see how dry the air is no radar returns just a few highs. this was sent in by cali who tweeted this picture, a reporting station in downtown petaluma at 19 degrees and the airport is 20.
6:49 am
that is the microclimate for petaluma. now, other areas, you can see wide-spread 20's inland and antioch is freezing and 32 and freezing in redwood city at 31 and san jose is 33 and mountain view at 34 and the monterey bay is freezing but monterey is 33. the warming trend begins today and forecast is less likely tonight and we will still have it inland but we will not have it around the bay and to the coast and it will be sunny and warmer. oakland is veteran, -- 57 and that is right on average and everyone else is two or three degrees cooler and antioch is the cool spot and 58 is the warm spot in santa rosa, and the monterey bay temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. the temperatures tonight show frosty 30's inland and mainly mid-30's to low 40's around the
6:50 am
bay explore and to the coast. the inland valley that would have the frost. stubborn area of high pressure, boom, they have dropped anchor and they will stay that way but look at the cold air mass as we head deeper, on thursday, friday, saturday, and it is retreating to the east and mild temperatures coming our way. no rain, though, not a drop ahead in the seven-day outlook but check out when the warmest temperatures are, low-to-mid 50's for saturday and sunday. have a great day. >> if your travels take you to los angeles, this is a like picture from southern california right near dodger stadium a big rig hit the center divide, it was a fuel tanker. it cause on fire. both directions of i-5 are shut down in los angeles at the dodger stadium area so avoid that area. the traffic, there, is stopped.
6:51 am
some is getting by on the side street but his 5 is shut down in los angeles near dodger stadium. closer to home we have a problem in hayward southbound 880 a moisture injury accident blocking lanes of traffic. you can see by the yellow sensors it is slowing use move through hayward. and capitol corridor, major delays at 45 minutes for all train system wide and no other mass transit problems at this hour. kristen and eric? >> straight ahead, five things to know before you go. the morning news
6:52 am
>> 6:53. another look with breaking news remainder, a fiery big rig crash has all lanes in both direction at the 5 freeway in southern california closed at dodger stadium. truck driver get out and will be okay it is expected.
6:53 am
it is a mess in southern california on i-5. >> as we hand off to "good morning america" five things to know before you go. number one, breaking news, crews battling a pier fire burning itself out in crockett that broke out after 3:30 this morning. it is considered "suspicious." the pier was abandoned with no electricity. firefighters are staying in place to make sure this is no spread of the fire. >> sacred heart community service in san jose is giving away 100 backpacks at 9:00 this morning to keep people in need warm. the backpack is filled with underwear and a flannel blanket. the give away is not just for homeless but for those who cannot afford to keep their families warm. >> lance armstrong is back pedaling after denying he doped his way to be at the top. he sat down with oprah for 2 1/2 hours and confessed of the use of performance enhancing drugs and now can face a federal
6:54 am
lawsuit for fraud. >> 7/11 will fight a decision made by the san mateo city council voting to rescind their operating permit after it opened. neighbors argued the store never should have been issued a permit in the residential area. >> san francisco's supervisor is planning to introduce a charter amendment to rename san francisco international airport after slain gay rights leader harvey milk which will need the support of five other supervisors to submit name to voters. >> no weather-related traffic delays at the airport. mike? >> nothing, except the plane will be cold after sitting this. in the middle 20's to lower 30's interior valley and the pets and plants, keep them protected until 9:00. around the bay shore, low-to-mid 30's. do not need to worry about the
6:55 am
pipes with low 30's it will be calmer, and a few high clouds and low-to-mid 50's along the coast and not at brick as yesterday and mid-to-upper 50's for the bay and inland. >> to the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lies are on and there was a stall in fast track lane 4 slowing the commute into san francisco and sluggish on the upper deck to san jose and we have 280 the headlights northbound, and tail lights headed southbound, with first reports of an accident south 87 at 280 involving a couple of vehicles in the right lane and injuries involved in hayward just before a street with a motorcycle and a van tangled up. >> thank you for joining us. the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning
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america" next. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. brand-new details overnight on lance armstrong's stunning 2 1/2-hour confession to oprah winfrey. admits to doping to win the tour de france. this morning, his close friends react with anger, as we learn he may be the target of a widening government investigation. breaking overnight. this stunning surveillance video revealing a brazen abduction inside a school as class was beginning. police say this 5-year-old was taken from her elementary classroom by a stranger. how could this happen? tale of the tape. the woman on trial for murdering her ex-boyfriend. now the interrogation tapes with jodi arias are revealed in a da mattic day in court. why the lead detective told her she needed to stop lying. >> jodi, this is over. this is absolutely over. and look at this. it was lurking just beneath the water's surface. the massive fish, leaping out and nearly swallowing this man's arm.

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